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Corona Virus – Information in English

Rules in Erlangen

On the following pages you will find information about the current corona regulations for Erlangen. The rules can frequently change, as always it depends on the current number of cases. We aim to update this page as soon as possible, whenever the regulations change.

City Administration:

When entering a Municipal Facility such as the Town Hall, an FFP-2 mask must be worn. In addition, the rule of 3 (3G) applies (vaccinated, recovered and tested). In principle, the public areas can only be visited by making an appointment in advance. If you have an appointment at the Town Hall, please report to the Town Hall reception (right). Wherever possible, concerns will be processed primarily by telephone or email. The availability of the offices (phone, e-mail) can be found here. The General Citizen Services and Elections Department on the Ground Floor of the Town Hall and (partially) the Foreign Office on the Second Floor can be visited without an appointment.

The General Citizen Services and Elections Department for the registration of: passport and ID, vehicle registration and driving licenses is open: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 8:00 to 18:00 and Wednesday and Friday from 8:00 to 12:00.

For the time being, the welcome desk (2nd floor) of the Immigration Office, which is part of the Citizens’ Registration Office, is only issuing the following documents (electronic residence permit, declarations of commitment). Other matters such as arranging appointments, consultations, submission of pleadings and documents, issuance of fictional certificates will be handled exclusively by post, email or telephone until further notice. Appointments that have already been made can still be kept. More information is available online atänderbehörde.

Access to the Town Hall is restricted. Therefore, the Town Hall should only be visited in urgent cases, and please come alone. Access to the Town Hall is currently only possible via the main entrance on Rathausplatz. The only possible exit is currently the back exit - to Schuhstrasse and Kurt-Eisner-Platz.

Corona test centre of the city of Erlangen and the District of Erlangen-Höchstadt:

The Corona Test Centre of the City of Erlangen and the District of Erlangen-Höchstadt is located on 4. Parkplatzstraße on the large car park opposite the parking garage.

The Corona Test Centre on the large car park in Erlangen is open from Wednesday 1st December, Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:30. In addition, from 1st December onwards, tests will only be carried out if an appointment has been booked in advance. Appointments are made by telephone on 0800-1440000.

The following groups of people are entitled to use the Test Centre on the large car park: anyone who has received a warning via Corona-Warn-app, is a contact person for those who have tested positive or is not allowed to be vaccinated for health or medical reasons (proof required). Employees in homes and care facilities including disabled facilities, pregnant women, children from care facilities, people who have to submit a PCR test for a stay in a clinic, rehab stay or an intervention, people who need a "free test" and people who are part of a serial tests ordered by the state health department were requested to be tested. Other people will not be tested.

The free rapid tests are available in private rapid test centres as well as in medical and dental practices, pharmacies, medical laboratories and from rescue and aid organizations. An overview of these rapd test centres can be found on the Corona-Warn-app. This can be conveniently opened via the mobile app or via on your desktop.

If you already have symptoms of an acute respiratory infection, please contact your General Practitioner for a smear as you are not allowed to come to the test centre.

Bring with you: health insurance card, identity card or passport and face covering (nose and mouth). The test center may only be entered with face and nose protection. Further information on testing and other test locations is available online at If you have any questions, the centre can also be contacted by email:

Bus Travel:

The regulations can change depending on the development of the infection.

The Stadtbus (City Bus) customer office is available for questions and concerns on Goethestrasse 21a, which is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 18:00. During this time, the team can also be reached at 091318234470 or by email to

Vaccination Centre Erlangen:

The city of Erlangen is continuing to work with the Erlangen-Höchstadt District to operate a vaccination centre. It is located at Sedanstraße 1, formerly Intersport Eisert, between the Town Hall and the Erlangen-Höchstadt district office. In order to make optimal use of the capacities, vaccinations are only given in the vaccination centre on Sedanstraße by appointment.

It is open Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 17:00. Without an appointment, vaccinations will only be given on Saturdays between 13:00 and 17:00. In addition, there are mobile vaccination teams on the way, both in the City and District.There are vaccinations available without an appointment and the options are available online at:

To get a vaccination appointment, you should register. This is possible via the following online link: An appointment can also be made by telephone on 09131 86 65 00 at the following times: Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00. The hotline cannot be reached on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. The hotline can only be used to answer organisational questions about the vaccination centre and to make appointments. If you have any medical questions, please contact the patient service of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians on 116 117 or your family doctor.

There are two branches of the vaccination centre in the district: In the Vereinshaus Herzogenaurach (Hintere Gasse 22a, Herzogenaurach) and in Höchstadt (formerly Miller & Monroe, Erlanger Straße 2-8, Höchstadt). Both vaccination centres are open from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 to 17:00. However, vaccinations are only carried out with a previously arranged appointment. Vaccinations are only carried out without an appointment if the workload permits.

If you have any medical questions, please contact the patient service of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians on 116 117 or your family doctor. For the trip to the vaccination centre, the City of Erlangen will pay for the taxi ride for citizens who live in Erlangen, who are over 60 years old and who have the Erlangen pass.

For the journey, an application must be made using the telephone number 09131/86 19 30. An email can also be written to: or The voucher will then be sent by post. As this can take a few days, the taxi voucher should be applied for in good time. Anyone who can request a driving service for a doctor's visit can also do this for the trip to the vaccination centre. Contact the health insurance company for this.

Child Vaccinations:

The vaccination centre will vaccinate children from 18th December. They will take place exclusively in a specially set up children's vaccination centre. It is located in the same building as the main vaccination centre on Sedanstrasse. However, access is via 26 Nägelsbachstraße. There is parking in the Sedanstrasse underground car park. The vaccination is only given by appointment. This can only be arranged via the telephone hotline on 09131 / 86-6500. Registration as with adults is not possible. Children will only be vaccinated if accompanied by a parent or guardian. The consent of a second parent or guardian as the circumstances require may be requested.

Access to proceedings:

Admission to proceedings will only be granted upon presentation of appropriate 3G-Plus proof (vaccinated, recovered or currently PCR tested). The proof must be shown at the main entrance upon entry. The wearing of an FFP-2 mask is compulsory at all times in the respective meeting room, including at the seat. It is recommended that you inform yourself about the current hygiene rules and regulations shortly before the start of the meeting.


The Robert Koch Institute has an information sheet on the mRNA COVID-19 vaccination in 19 foreign languages, including English. This information sheet including a declaration of consent was created by the German Green Cross e.V., Marburg, in cooperation with the Robert Koch Institute, Berlin, and is protected by copyright. You can find the sheet here.

Information about the Coronavirus is available in several languages on the Federal Integration website.

The Bavarian Integration Commission offers downloadable information in several languages ​​on the subject of “Men under pressure”.

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